Sample Week

Over there —-> is a sample week for QDP Programming.  The programming is designed to be supplemental to your normal CrossFit programming.  Feel free to trade out a day or three to get in these bullet-proofing days.  All strength, accessory and daily grind metcons are designed to improve your CrossFit performance and longevity as a Masters athlete.  As we say, these will be hard, but won’t hurt you.

Week 8


Main Lift

Sumo  5-5-5  all reps at 80-85%

Accessory Lifts

Dumbbell tricep extensions  3X6

Dumbbell bent over rows 3×6


Daily Grind

 4 rounds

16 Russian KB Swings

10 Goblet Squats

6 KB Push Jerks (3 each arm)


30 ft overhead carry (alternate rounds)

Rest 45 seconds


Main Lift

Bench Press

5-5-5  all reps at 80-85%

Accessory Lifts

Front Squat 3×6

Hang Power Clean 3×6


Daily Grind

7 rounds:

3  pull up negatives (3 second tempo)

3 push ups w a 3 second eccentric

30 second handstand hold



Main Lift

Barbell Backsquat

5-5-5  all reps at 80-85%


Accessory Lifts

Conventional Romanian Deadlifts  3×6 @ 40% of 1 rep deadlift

Paused Dumbbell Bench Press 3×6 (w a 2 second pause)


Daily Grind

4 rounds:

16 weighted lunges

16 dumbbell push presses

16 plank burpees