As Master’s we know the daily grind of 20 minute metcons, and the toll it takes on our bodies.  And yet we are addicted to them, and hate to miss a day in the box.

This programming offers some good old fashion strength and power work with a tight little metcon at the end – a metcon that is designed to be hard to do, but won’t hurt you.  We’ve programmed the movements that have the highest reward with the lowest risk for Masters.

It’s not magic, but we’ve done the programming for you, so that’s worth something.  

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Looking to lose weight, work on body composition, gain muscle, just have more energy, (or all four?), we’d love to help you reach your goals. Our monthly nutrition coaching comes with:

  • Custom macro plan
  • One-On-One consultations with your coach
  • Weekly accountability and assessment check-ins

It all starts with a goal setting and assessment review. From there you will be assigned to one of our coaches who will lead you through the whole process. We ask for a 3 month commitment to start, from then on it is a month-to-month subscription that you can cancel at any time. Our goal is not to be your forever-food-coach, but to get you the tools and strategies to manage you own nutrition.

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